Group Profile:

The ‘ADVENTZ’ Group is an Indian conglomerate with global ambitions that participates in and contributes to India's economic growth and prosperity through transformational change. The Group is partnered by world leaders in various areas of enterprise and has significant presence in agriculture, engineering & infrastructure, real estate, consumer durables and services which are the key drivers of the India economy. It is deepening its engagement with consumers across the value spectrum with new initiatives in these areas. It is an exciting story of the passion and commitment of every member of Adventz family, inspired by the dream and the vision of a most remarkable person, the Late Dr. K. K. Birla (Founder Chairman).

The USD 3 billion group, with 26 companies in various verticals, led by Mr. Saroj Kumar Poddar, is a major producer of wide range of high-quality complex fertilizers of various grades, various other agricultural inputs such as seeds, pesticides, micronutrients, and specialty fertilizers. The group is the largest freight wagon builder and supplier of new generation wagons in the private sector. The group has engineering expertise that offers technical consultancy, project management and contracting services to chemical, fertilizer, oil & gas, petrochemical, power and other infrastructure projects. The group has also ventured into real estate sector. In the consumer durables segment, the Group manufactures state-of-the-art, RTA furniture and has a complete range of fittings and hardware to cater to all the three segments of furniture manufacturing; i.e. office, residential and kitchen & bath. It operates the largest retail furniture chain in India. The group has a strong presence in the financial services sector.

Company Profile:

Gobind Sugar Mills Limited (GSML) belongs to the Adventz Group. One of the most efficient and rapidly growing companies in the sugar industry, GSML produces sugar at Aira factory in Uttar Pradesh that has a crushing capacity of 10000 tonnes of sugarcane per day. The sugar factory is equipped with the state of the art technology to produce pure crystal cane sugar of the highest purity. The Company is listed at Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Limited (MSEI).

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